Considering making the switch to Organic Lawn Care?

Do you want to reduce the amount of harsh chemicals that our families are exposed to by traditional service providers?

Can you switch to organic, and still have a nice lawn?


Organic Lawn Care is a process. It is not just a product swap. Our Eco Green Program is the first step to transitioning to an organically managed lawn. We spot treat with every visit (at customer’s request) with non 2,4-D weed control, and are still able to use pre-emergents for crabgrass & stiltgrass.

Our Eco Green Program focuses on the soil that your grass is growing in. Depleted or unhealthy soil can result in heavy weeds, disease, insects, and overall poor looking grass. We use soil amending products to help increase beneficial microbial activity so that over time it will need fewer synthetic products and pesticides.

Our goal is to provide you with immediate results with lasting benefits. We offer organic solutions for all turf related issues, but we know not all lawns and customer needs are the same!