There is an organic solution for all turf related problems!

Organic Green was born from a simple idea…achieving a beautiful lawn without compromising the safety and health of our families, pets, and communities. Each program was designed to limit, or eliminate pesticide exposure from happening on lawns.

With the growing body of evidence showing the harsh effect pesticides have on neurological, respiratory, and immune systems in humans (especially children), homeowners are more concerned about with chemical exposures, and seeking nontoxic programs.

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding organic turf care. The biggest misconception is that it does not work, or that the quality of turf will suffer. If done incorrectly, the results of an organic turf care program will be unsuccessful. Simply switching from a synthetic fertilizer to an organic will not work!


A handful of soil contains millions of beneficial microorganisms. These beneficial organisms that Mother Nature has put in our soils are there to do one thing – grow things! A synthetic fertilizer is manufactured by gasses and waste products. A bag of synthetic fertilizer can contain up to 40% SODIUM depending on its analysis. That sodium is designed to eliminate all the beneficial microorganisms so the grass receives synthetic nutrients quicker. Because synthetics feed the grass plant and not the soil, applications are needed more often. This is why the color and vigor of grass can decline quickly between applications.

What is OMRI? The Organic Materials Review Institute, or OMRI, is the only organization in the world that is solely dedicated to ensuring that the inputs used in Agriculture Business applications are organic, and in line with USDA mandates for certified organic products.