Organic lawn care is a turf management style using only natural ingredients and materials with zero synthetic fertilizers, chemicals, or pesticides.  The ability to successfully maintain a lawn using organic methods is the final product that requires strategy over time to achieve.  

The time it takes to build up soil and turf density during the transition to an organic lawn will be affected by the current lawn conditions, nutrient and biological soil testing, client expectation, and of course budget.  

It is important to understand that the traditional appearance of a lawn is not always the same as an organic lawn.

An organic lawn requires biodiversity for long term sustainability, so some plants other than turfgrass will need to be incorporated throughout the lawn. The most common and advantageous plant being clover, which is traditionally viewed as a weed. 

Even though ecological and sustainable practices are becoming more widely accepted in other facets of our culture, the perception of how a lawn and landscape should appear and perform are not quite there yet. This is why it is so important to educate the public about the benefits of an organic lawn. These beneficial results include nurturing a clean ecosystem in your yard where pollinators, natural local vegetation, and wildlife can thrive. Organic lawn care also creates the same cleaner, greener outdoor space for your pets and family to enjoy too! 


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