Our ORGANIC LAWN CARE PROGRAM is free of all synthetic inputs, we manage weeds with seeding and OMRI approved products.

Seeding is very important in an organic program and as it is our first defense to defending against weeds. A comprehensive lawn care program paired with appropriate cultural practices will improve and maintain a healthy safe lawn!

This is a commonly used program that is 100% Organic, similar to programs used on athletic fields. Some flowering broadleaf weeds such as clover & dandelions are acceptable and encouraged (within reason) as these plants feed pollinators which is very beneficial.


A soil test provides scientific data that indicates vital information needed to build a healthy lawn and soil system.

An organic lawn can be dominated by deeply rooted turf grasses with little weeds that can naturally fight off pests, and uses water more efficiently. Most importantly, an organic lawn will give you peace of mind knowing that it is safe for children and pets to be on your lawn after we visit!

Mother Earth has already provided the soil with everything it needs to efficiently grow grass, but improper cultural practices combined with the effects from pesticide & synthetic treatments (used to artificially stimulate growth), have interfered with the natural process. We take our understanding of soil biology, and team it up with the highest quality organic products to bring your lawn back to nature.

Our ORGANIC LAWN CARE PROGRAM consists of 4-6 Organic Fertilizer treatments (depending on soil conditions) combined with liquid bio stimulants, and soil amendments to help introduce microbiology back into the soil!


First Visit – Early Spring

Liquid aeration and over seed with desirable cool season grasses to help build thick turf density. Organic Fertilizer inoculated with beneficial Mycorrhizae Fungi to build a healthy root system and aid in germination

Second Visit – Late Spring

Organic corn gluten-based fertilizer to aid with crabgrass/stilgrass break through

Third Visit – Early Summer

Organic corn gluten-based fertilizer with sea kelp/humic acid to increase microbiology and promote a healthy grass plant

Fourth Visit – Mid-Summer

Compost tea application with vermicompost

Fifth Visit – Early Fall

Aeration/ over seed – Organic Fertilizer with Mycorrhizae to build a healthy root system and aid in germination

Sixth Visit – Fall

Straight chicken litter compost

Our goal is to provide you with immediate results with lasting benefits. We offer organic solutions for all turf related issues, but we know not all lawns and customers have the same needs!